About Kareem Home


Kareem Home Team focuses on pursuing the following objectives:
• Meeting the needs of the Syrian Orphans in Turkey regardless of their language,
religion, race, or gender, national, ethnic or social origin, property, disability, birth or other status.
• Fostering awareness of social responsibility and sense of collaboration and solidarity across all segments of society.
• Addressing issues of orphans disparity.
• Preventing the violation of basic rights and promote educational programs at every level to improve quality of children future life.
• Promoting positive values, healthy habits for ideal lifestyle.
• Training staff to best serve the Syrian community issues and raise awareness of child protection.
• Enhancing and helping develop programs of the disabilities learning that contribute to their rights to learn.
• Supporting effective, quality projects that enhance all of the above.

Our Vision

Rescue Every Vulnerable Parentless Syrian Children,
lending our hands for those Who Were Alone, and at Risk,
to have Opportunity, to Grow Safe, Learn, and Live Happily.

Our Mission

To deliver measurable values to all children.
• To insure a brotherly environment and a supportive home.
• To provide health care, education and safety for all of our children.